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Chase Quattlebaum, LMT

Massage & body contouring

Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Therapist in Atlanta, GA

Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Tailored Services to address your specific needs

  • Analgesic Effect
  • Treat Swelling or Edema
  • Restore Skin Radiance
  • Improve Digestion
  • Target Scar Tissue
  • Relieve Tension
  • Relieve Soreness
  • Restore Circulation
  • Improve Body Function


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Speed Recovery After Surgery

Natural Body Contouring

Ancient Therapeutic Healing

Indulgent Customized Massage

Rejuvenate and Repair

Sessions are spaced out so you don’t feel rushed. I only use top of the line body products and treatments.

I use a range of techniques that focus on the muscular and lymphatic systems of your body. My techniques reduce pain, promote natural recovery from surgery, soreness and chronic stress, while relaxing your body and reversing negative effects of damaged tissue.


I work with pre and post operation cosmetic and gender reaffirming surgery clientele in the greater Atlanta area. I also offer medicupping and sport massage therapies. I balance necessary treatment techniques with relaxation methods for a rejuvenating massage experience.


Manual Lymphatic DrainageMyofascial Release MediCupping TherapyBody Contouring & Detox Wellness TreatmentsSports Massage

Wellness is created from the inside out. Lymphatic drainage and deep tissue massages restore your body’s natural flow of movement and lymph to promote healing and repair of your body post surgery. My techniques also reduce pain. restore damaged tissue and reduce swelling caused by injury, post workout soreness, chronic stress and toxin overload.

I provide a safe and friendly environment for all clients, including LGBT, HIV+ and clients seeking professional spa treatments. My service is geared towards uplifting, rejuvenating and healing your body and mind.​

Offering Appointments inside the Elite Spa Collection

Ready to make an appointment? Have questions? Get in touch.

Therapeutic massage, by appointment only, inside the Elite Spa Collection located within the Manor & Country Club. Catering exclusively to the Manor community, ClubCorp Members, and the General Public by request only.


Frequently Asked Questions

At your first massage therapy visit, you will first be asked to fill out a preliminary health history questionnaire. Please share any health history, relevant conditions, or current medications so that we can best treat your specific needs without causing any harm or damage.  

Before your massage, your therapist will also ask general health questions, if there are any areas that need specific attention, or if you have any preferences related to your massage. From there, they will accurately determine the type of massage that will best align with your individual needs.  
For your convenience, we offer online scheduling for fast, easy, and secure intake. 

Your session time includes an initial consultation or check-in with your massage therapist as well as time after the session for relaxation and check-out.  

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled massage if you are a new patient to our clinic. If you have visited before, please allow enough time before your session to review patient information.  

We want you to feel completely comfortable and relaxed during your visit to our clinic. While recommending completely undressing or undressing down to your underwear during a full-body massage, your level of undress is completely up to you. You will change in the privacy of your massage room and your modesty is maintained throughout your session. 

Yes, draping your body with a sheet is mandatory per GA State regulations. Typically, any part of your body not being worked on will remain covered by a sheet during the entirety of your massage therapy session. 

The frequency of your massage treatments will depend on a variety of factors. If your massages are purely for relaxation, a session every 6-8 weeks - or as needed - is recommended. If your massages are meant to treat a medical condition, please speak with one of our trained massage therapists to create a schedule that will best suit your needs.   

If you are currently experiencing flu-like symptoms or are experiencing an outbreak of a contagious skin condition, please reschedule your massage therapy visit for a time when you are feeling better. If you are pregnant, have cancer, suffer from blood clots, have recently undergone major surgery, or have any other known medical conditions, please speak with your massage therapist to determine whether a massage is right for you.  

Our massage therapy clinic requires a 24-hour cancellation policy. If we are notified of your cancellation within 24-hours of your service, a 50% cancellation fee will be applied to your credit card on file.   

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